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On 1st Jan 2017, we will be launching Presshour with human-curated profiles of 10,000+ journalists who exclusively cover startups and small businesses. With, Presshour, You will be able to search relevant journalists as per Category, Beats, Region, and save them in multiple lists.

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Story Behind Presshour!

It took us months and thousands of dollars to find relevant journalists

In the last 10 months, here at Promotehour, we worked with 100+ startups to help them get coverage by pitching to relevant journalists.

To find relevant journalists, we tried few tools and here it how went:

First tool - $99/month — gave irrelevant results with outdated auto-generated emails, half of which bounced

Second tool - cost $60/month - did deliver relevant results but without any email ids.

Third tool - cost $599+/month - the most reliable one - used by Fortune 500 companies & mid-size businesses.

We also used email-generator tools to find emails and the delivery rate was anything but encouraging.

While doing this we realised how hard it is to find relevant journalists and really get to know what subjects they cover and their personal interests.

We could have managed with those tools but we couldn’t ignore the fact that entrepreneurs, like you and us, deserve much better, focused and affordable solution.

We Are!

We are Jit & Mona!

In 2015, we built a resource: Promotehour — a free list of startup directories to promote startups. It has been used by 70k+ Entrepreneurs till date.

Except few countries, we have user base all over the world. 176 to be precise:

With our paid services, we have helped 2000+ startups get listed on startup directories and 72 clients get coverage on media outlets like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, TheNextWeb, ReadWrite, InMan, Digital Inspiration & many more.

Get a LIFETIME access for $99.
Register for Pre-orders.